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Help Your Child to Connect

February 18, 2021

One big question that we tend to have as parents…

“Is my child where he needs to be with his development?”

Whether it is when we see other children on our friends’ social media posts, at library story time, or on the playground, we often compare our children with others. The most important thing to remember is that child development happens in stages and those stages have typical age ranges that they occur. Each child develops along those stages at a different pace.

One great tool to use to check on your child’s development is the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ). This Free Online ASQ is a screening tool designed to be completed by parents to track the developmental milestones of their child at his/her particular age.

The results of the ASQ will let you know where your child has strengths and where he could use some support in his development. It can also tell us if a child should be assessed by Early Intervention to see if he would benefit from additional services. When we are able to identify developmental delays early in our children and they receive support, we can give them a head start in being ready for school.

To request further assessment for your child visit the links below:

Franklin County Early Intervention for ages 0-2
Lincoln Intermediate Unit Early Intervention for ages 3-5

For children over the age of 5, contact your child’s school and/or pediatrician for further evaluation.