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February 15, 2021

Cumberland Valley School of Music

Cumberland Valley School of Music is a nonprofit community music school established in 1990. Our mission is to create a musical community where high-quality instruction and performance opportunities are available to all. We have lessons, classes, workshops, and camps for all ages, from newborn to seasoned citizen.

Through a variety of funding sources, we can provide low to no-cost experiences through community partnerships, including scholarships for First Start Partnership families and the Arts-Integrated Preschool at LifePoint Church.

Our newborn and toddler classes promote connection between children and grown-ups, as well as enjoyment of music activities. Participants sing, move, interact, and play age-appropriate instruments (sticks, shakers, etc.) while doing a variety of songs, poems, and spoken word games.

Our preschool and kindergarten classes help children be independent in their music experiences while introducing them to music concepts and symbols. Children continue to sing, move, interact, and play instruments, with a greater variety of instruments.

Our elementary and middle school age classes cover many topics, from singing to playing instruments, from acting to visual arts. Children can explore all their creative interests in a safe, supportive space.

CVSM offers individual and partner lessons on almost all instruments and voice, from accordion to xylophone. For our partner lessons, it can be any two people who want to learn together: two siblings, two friends, a child and a grown-up, any version of partner!

Check out the current options on our website,, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Heather McEndree
CVSM Executive Director